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Action Animation course

This workshop you gonna learn how to bring up your idea to media, planning the action scenes, how to design the camera work, continuity between the shot. Beat and timing in the action sequence. 

Workshop Length : 10 Weeks 

Price Per Workshop : 1,150 usd

Workshop Breakdown

week 1. Idea + pic in mind + ref editing +Brain stomp an idea

week 2. layout and blocking

week 3. Brain stomp again + adjust layout with the latest idea and camera design

week 4. animating + pushing idea

week 5. keep animating + polishing also staging discussion

week 6. camera adjustment + effect to make it more crazy

week 7. finalise animation and camera also effect adjustment

week 8. Render it out and Boom!!!!!

Mentor reel

Prepare your self and See you soon. 



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